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As the transition from home studio to freelance progresses, my acceptance of the fact that this may just be my new normal sets in. I spent about a month or so at Shawk Anthem. Anthem is strictly a packaging studio. Shawk, is actually a production house. Anthem prides itself on creating "clean creative files", and they are very proficient at it. I am not entirely sure about the creative side as I did not see a lot of the creative happening.

I was brought in via "The Creative Group" (TCG), to help with adaptation and roll-out for Walmart (U.S). Food packaging. As one can imagine, Walmart is a beast of a project and the amount of sku's and products is basically endless. The team that is in place has been there for a very

long time and the process; although cumbersome and a bit complex to catch on at first, seems

to serve them well. I am unsure of how much real "Creative" Anthem actually does vs Adaptation and roll-out but there work is clean, crisp and worthy of note. At the end of my time there

I became a fan of their process and the work they do. They even have an onsite illustrator. HOW COOL IS THAT?

You can check them out here...

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